Hi, I’m Healthstyler – the healthy lifestyle promoter.

I’m a university trained nutritionist with a masters degree in health promotion and a certificate III in fitness. I’m passionate about food, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think a healthy lifestyle means living off lettuce leaves and mung beans? Absolutely WRONG! My healthy lifestyle blog will show you how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, achieve a healthy weight, gain the energy that’s been missing and feel the best you ever have – while yes being able to have your cake and eat it too (in moderation of course though)!

I’m by no means a strict health fanatic, I enjoy good food and wine too! The healthy lifestyle I live by is not about cutting out the things I enjoy but putting into practice simple healthy lifestyle habits that allow me to have it all – and you can too!

Come with me as I share with you my healthy lifestyle and hopefully inspire you to lead (and most of all enjoy) a healthy lifestyle too!

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